Friday, March 13, 2009


Call me Jaromír Hladík, there are good reasons for it. I am an engineer and an amateur musician. I would like to think of myself as an all-terrain woodwinds multi-instrumentalist. However, my achievements as woodwinds player are probably not as impressive as I would dream. Therefore, I am pursuing on the side of my player career some other music related activities, mainly in the field of musical acoustics and physics of musical instruments. There, I can put to good use my professional skills as an engineer to research, calculate, experiment, plan, develop, manufacture, test and validate; creating papers, prototypes, reports and patents along the way. All this, of course, in my free time, which is not boundless.

At this point it is evident that English is not my native language. Neither is Czech. However, I believe that sacrificing some subtleties in my writing will be compensated by the extended access of these notes to the international community of BBb contrabass clarinet acoustics

Thus, this blog is mainly intended as a logbook to document the development of a very specific project in clarinet acoustics. Eventually, I could put forward some comments, ideas and impressions on different topics that may call my attention along the way. Typically, other than music and axial compressor aerodynamics, these topics include history, literature, classic cinema, travelling.

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